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About Inno Hong Kong Hearing Center

We are a Hong Kong hearing center established in 2024, and it is our aim to provide diverse and high-quality services to the general public. Our center utilizes advanced auditory instruments, assistive equipment, production and inspection facilities, as well as professional knowledge and technology. Our center is committed to assisting people in need to solve various auditory health problems and assist customers to quickly restore communication. We also aim to help ease uneasiness and alleviate the inconvenience in life, so that guests of our center can enjoy a higher quality life.

Focus on Professional Training & International Exchanges

We currently have one branch centre in Hong Kong, located in the heart of Kowloon, to provide more citizens with convenient facilities and professional services.

Our center is actively involved in the latest developments in the international field of hearing and its activities, continuing education and treatments are kept up to date. Through professional training, international exchanges and experience sharing, the professional skills and knowledge of our staff are continuously improved to ensure that each of them can provide high-quality professional services that satisfy customers. The team members of our center have received rigorous training and have rich experience and knowledge to effectively deal with various auditory problems of our clients. We focus on providing customized solutions to our patients, tailoring the most suitable remedies based on each customer’s specific needs and lifestyle.

Diversified Services to Suit All Needs

Our center provides a wide range of professional services. In addition to auditory testing and assistive listening device fitting services, our centre also provides various types of auditory impairment assessment and treatment to ensure that customers receive comprehensive care.

In addition, our center has customized ear mold and earplug services, which can provide customers who come to our center with comfortable and fitting earplugs to protect their hearing from external noise and damage. To sum up, our centre strives to provide a variety of services to meet the needs of different people who come to our center.

Striving To Become The Leading Hearing Centre in Hong Kong

We are committed to becoming the leading hearing center in Hong Kong through continuous innovation and improvement of service levels, bringing auditory improvement and enhancing the quality of life for more people.

The professional team at our centre is composed of professionally trained and experienced members, including audiologists, audiology technicians, maintenance technicians and earmold makers, etc. This team is committed to providing high-quality services to citizens to address their various auditory health needs.

In order to continuously improve the professional level and maintain the latest knowledge of our team, our centre regularly organizes various internal training and evaluation activities. In addition, Philips sends experts to visit our center every year to introduce in detail the latest products on the market and share their experiences. At the same time, our team representatives participate in international conferences and events hosted by Philips every year to communicate and share their experiences with professionals from all over the world. This enables our team to keep up with the latest medical information and market trends and provide customers with more professional and advanced services.

Our centre not only has an experienced professional team, but also actively participates in international exchanges and learning to ensure that the services provided to customers remain at the forefront of the industry. Our audiologists and audiology technicians have extensive clinical experience and are able to provide customers with personalized solutions.

Our Professional Team

At Inno Hong Kong Hearing Center, we understand the importance of auditory health in personal life. Therefore, our team is committed to providing comprehensive testing, latest digital assistive listening device fitting, auditory impairment assessment and treatment services to meet the needs of different customers. Our center’s maintenance technicians and earmold makers are proficient in the upkeep and production of various equipment, ensuring that the quality and performance of our products are always maintained at their best.

Through close cooperation with Royal Philips of the Netherlands, which has a history of more than 130 years, our centre not only keeps abreast of the latest technologies and products, but also shares world-class professional knowledge. Our frequent participation in international conferences and events reflects our center’s commitment to improving professional standards and providing customers with the most advanced solutions. Whether it is auditory testing, product selection or earmold customization, we are a trustworthy choice.

Our professional team not only has rich clinical experience, but also actively participates in international exchanges and learning to ensure that we provide industry-leading services to customers who come to our centre. Our professionals have extensive clinical experience and are sure to provide customers with personalized solutions.

More About Our Centre – FAQs:

Our center’s professional team includes audiologists, audiology technicians, maintenance technicians, and earmold makers etc., providing multi-faceted services.
Our center provides a variety of auditory tests, including examinations, assessments, and other customized tests to ensure customers receive a comprehensive auditory health assessment.
It is recommended to have an annual auditory test and seek prompt professional evaluation if you experience any loss of ability.
You can make an appointment for the services at our centre by phone or online, or you can visit our centre for consultation and appointment.
Our center provides products from the Royal Philips brand, which has a history of more than 130 years and is located in the Netherlands. Royal Philips' innovative technology products can meet the needs of different customers.