Product Maintenance & After-Sales Service

Comprehensive Device Repair & Maintenance Plan

The service life of hearing aid products is generally 3 to 5 years, which depends on many factors such as the user’s lifestyle, environmental conditions, and daily maintenance. The products we provide include 2 years of non-artificial damage maintenance. In addition, customers can also purchase an extended product maintenance plan based on individual needs. When devices need repairing, we also provide temporary loan services for spare devices to ensure that users’ daily life is not affected.

Regular Cleaning & Inspection

To ensure optimal performance of assistive listening devices, we recommend that customers undergo routine inspections every 6 months. Regular inspections include cleaning, adjustments and testing, as well as an initial listening check. This helps ensure that products maintain optimal performance and auditory effects to enhance the user’s experience. If any abnormalities are found in the device during the initial inspection, we will conduct a detailed inspection and product repair if the situation requires it.

Repairing & Extending Product Maintenance Plans

Our center’s product maintenance plan usually includes maintenance for non-human damage within 2 years, and the related inspection fees and parts costs are included in the plan at no additional charge. If customers feel the need, they can also purchase an additional extended product repair and maintenance plan (each product can have 1 maintenance plan extension), providing 1- or 2-year options. Customers need to complete the relevant procedures within the original maintenance period. For detailed information and costs of the extended maintenance plan, please feel free to contact our professionals.

Temporary Device Loaning Service

In order to avoid inconvenience to customers during the repair period of their assistive listening devices, we provide temporary earphone loan service for customers in need to use temporarily during the repair period. Please ask our professionals for details (it may be different from the original model/style, or a deposit may be required).

Tips on Daily Maintenance & Care

About Device Repair & Maintenance - FAQs:

Regular cleaning is critical to maintaining optimal performance. It is recommended to wipe the device with a soft, clean cloth every day to prevent earwax accumulation and ensure long-term use of the device.
Common signs include conditions such as reduced auditory quality, sound distortion, or intermittent dysfunction. If these issues occur, it is recommended to seek professional repair to correct the underlying problem.
It is not recommended that users attempt to repair it themselves. Assistive listening devices are complex and attempting to repair them yourself may cause further damage. Always consult a professional for repairs to ensure proper handling.
Regular inspections are crucial. Routine checkups and cleanings with a professional every 6 months is recommended to identify problems early and ensure optimal function of your device.
A maintenance schedule usually includes regular cleaning, careful inspection, and adjustments to ensure your device is in optimal condition. Some plans may also include additional services such as backup equipment during repairs. Please check with your provider for specific details.